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Shaken Cocktails, frothy and light drinks

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Have a cocktail shaker that you’re looking to put to good use? You’ve come to the right place. Here is a collection of some of my favorite shaken cocktails.

Shaking a cocktail with ice chills a drink with amazing efficiency. It also aerates the drink and adds tiny ice chips throughout.

But when do you shake and when do you stir?

Shake when a drink includes juice, dairy, eggs, or muddled herbs or fruit. All of these require the agitation involved with shaking to mix with alcohol. And with enough shaking, eggs and dairy turn frothy like meringue or whipped cream.

Stir when a drink involve only spirits (or spirits and simple syrup, like an Old Fashioned). Stirring produces a clear, smooth drink. And if you’re looking for more in that vein, I’ve got you covered with my list of stirred cocktails.

What shaker should you buy?

I recommend a two-piece shaker, also known as a Boston shaker. I like an all metal set like this one. Most three-piece cobbler shakers (the kind of shaker you might have gotten in college) freeze up and become almost impossible to pry open when they get very cold.

You’ll also need an inexpensive Hawthorne strainer, because the two-piece shakers don’t have a strainer built in.

If you’re looking for more cocktail gear recommendations take a look at my list of essential tools for your home bar.

Shaken Cocktails

Cocktails to give your arms and your cocktail shaker a workout. Shaking chills a drink down quickly while aerating it to give it a light and frothy texture. Shaken cocktails typically include citrus juice, egg whites, or dairy that require extra agitation for their texture to work in a drink.

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