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11 Essential Tools for Your Home Bar

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If you’ve been wondering what you need—and what you really don’t—when it comes to setting up your home bar, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve been measuring and shaking and stirring and straining drinks for years.

I’ve wasted money on useless equipment and figured out what you really need to have for making quality craft cocktails at home.

These are tools we use all the time. Whether it’s shaking up a Perfect Pear or stirring a Sazerac, this will get your sorted.

11 Essential tool for your home bar

11 Essentials for your home bar

If you're outfitting your home bar for the first time or looking to upgrade your equipment, here are the essential tools you need to make most drinks. Here's everything you need from shakers to strainers to bar spoons to essential cocktail books. (And p.s., you don't need whiskey stones).

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