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Stirred cocktails, clear and spirited drinks

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Are you a fan of crystal clear drinks? Ones that are smooth, often spirit-forward and tend to be served over a big ice cube or up? Then you, my friend, are looking for a stirred cocktail.

(If frothy drinks with citrus or egg white are more your style, take a look at my collection of shaken cocktails.)

You can use a sturdy pint glass for stirring a cocktail, or you can get a fancy mixing glass. The key is to have a something with a heavy bottom that won’t tip over easily.

Then you add any syrups and spirits and bitters you are using in your cocktail.

Then you add ice so that your glass is about 2/3 full.

Then you use a barspoon (it’s tough to do this with a standard spoon) to stir the drink until it is thoroughly chilled. This takes about 30 seconds of good stirring.

Then you strain the drink into a chilled cocktail glass, add any garnish you might be using, and serve.

Here I’ve gathered a great collection of stirred drinks. They include classics like the Sazerac and the Old Fashioned as well as less common drinks like the Revolver, which features bourbon and a coffee liqueur, and oddball drinks like the Popinjay, which uses the artichoke-based amaro Cynar (definitely not for everyone).

Stirred Cocktails

Stirred Cocktails

Cocktails for stirring with a bar spoon in a mixing glass. They tend to be spirit-forward and not rely heavily on citrus juices or egg whites. They might contain simple syrup (like any variation on the Old Fashioned). Stirring chills them without aerating the drink or adding ice chips, which produces a clear, smooth drink.

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