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Apple Recipes, something for everyone

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Apples are a reliable grocery store staple year round, which makes them a reliable option when you want to make a fruit dessert.

During apple-picking season, it’s easy to come home with more apples than you know what do with.

Here, then, is a collection of some of my favorite apple recipes.

9 Delicious Apple Recipes

If you’re baking with apples, it’s good to look for options that hold up well in the oven. Good baking apples include Braeburn, Cortland, Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith, Haralson, Jonathan, Mutsu, Spy, and Winesap. There are plenty more varieties that work well, too. So if you’re at an orchard or farmers market ask for a recommendation from folks who work there.

To prevent apples from browning, put them in water with a squeeze of lemon juice. The acid helps to slow the enzymatic browning.

9 Delicious Ways to Use Apples

Apple Recipes

Warm, comforting apple desserts as well as savory apple recipes. From crisps and crumbles, to pie and cake, to soups and salads here are recipes for apple fans.

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