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Simple, Refreshing Popsicle Recipes for Summer

Now that we’ve found our way into hot weather, it’s time for summer’s simplest frozen treat, the popsicle. It’s my lazy go-to when I want something refreshing that doesn’t require an ice cream maker or tons of prep. I thought I’d round up all of the popsicle recipes I’ve shared here so far and put …

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Coconut Lime Popsicles, so refreshing and cold

One of the purest summer pleasures is sitting outside on a hot day with a popsicle in hand while you race to consume the icy treat before your fingers are covered in sticky melted drips. These coconut lime popsicles are pretty much everything I want in a popsicle for that fleeting moment of joy. They’re …

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Strawberry Recipes for Summer

If you’re looking for inspiration for using strawberries this summer, here is a collection of some of my favorite strawberries recipes. If you have the chance to buy fresh, local strawberries, those are usually your best bet for berries with the best flavor. And if you have strawberries in your garden, lucky you! But the …

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Strawberry Galette, casual goodness

I admire a well-made fruit pie, but so often, it just feels like too much fussy work. All that chilling and crimping and lattice-weaving. Which is why I find the galette so freeing as a dessert form. This strawberry galette has all the good parts of a pie—flaky crust, sweetly relaxed fruit—with minimal hassle. And …

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