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Bacon Blue Cheese Guacamole. From Blossom to Stem | Because Delicious |

Bacon Blue Cheese Guacamole

Looking for an alternative to classic guacamole? This bacon blue cheese guacamole is unabashedly full-flavored. And it has bacon in it! (Which, of course, means this guac is definitely not for vegetarians.) I know blue cheese is a little controversial. There are haters out there. You can have your traditional guacamole while those of us …

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Cucumber Kimchi

Can we talk about fish sauce for a minute? It smells terrible, but it tastes delicious–so salty and funky with all of that wonderful umami flavor. When I was a vegetarian (before I slid into pescatarianism and then back to omnivorism), the only exception I made was for fish sauce. I didn’t eat anything made …

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Quick Pickled Carrots. From Blossom To Stem | Because Delicious

Quick Pickled Carrots

I was late to the pickle game. It wasn’t until my late twenties that I discovered the charms of these vinegary briny nuggets. Even now, I go for long stretches without eating anything pickled, and to be honest, classic dill pickles are fine, but they don’t do much for me. Dan, on the other hand, …

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