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Dinner party desserts

Brown Butter Apple Almond Cakes. Nutty, buttery, cinnamon-scented apple cakes. A rustic, comforting dessert. Gluten free. From Blossom to Stem | Because Delicious |

Brown Butter Apple Almond Cakes

I spent the entirety of the week before last in a baking marathon. These brown butter apple almond cakes were just one of five different desserts plus a two-tier cake I made. I was tasked with creating and producing a dessert buffet for our friends’ Traci and Dan’s wedding. Traci loves good food and is …

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Cocoa Nib Semifreddo. An easy and and elegant 3 ingredient frozen dessert that's like ice cream but smoother and lighter. So good. Like a grown-up frosty. From Blossom to Stem | Because Delicious |

Cocoa Nib Semifreddo

This cocoa nib semifreddo might be the easiest fancy dessert I’ve ever made. It has three ingredients (well, four if you count the pinch of salt), it requires about 10 minutes of active work, and it doesn’t require any special equipment like an ice cream maker. You just need some kind of mixing apparatus (anything …

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