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Apple Beehive, a burnished tower of apples

Ever since I first flipped through Elizabeth Prueitt’s latest cookbook, Tartine All Day, in the spring, I’ve wanted to make this apple beehive. It’s one of the kinds of genius ideas I turn to Prueitt for. Her bakery book, Tartine, has long been my go-to source for the most amazing bread pudding, a pumpkin tea cake with a beautiful …

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Classic Ice Cream Sandwiches, soft and chocolatey

It turns out that when I get anxious, I make ice cream. Pints and quarts of fruity sherbet, chocolate-dipped salted caramel ice cream bars, Bronte pistachio gelato, and soft and chewy chocolate ice cream sandwiches. My freezer is so full of the stuff, I can barely close the door. When you find me in the …

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Chocolate Butterscotch Chip Cookies

Cookies. You wanted cookies. Cookies with milk chocolate and semisweet chocolate and butterscotch chips. Cookies that are generous with butter and vanilla and salt. Cookies made with three kinds of sugar to make them chewy and crisp with a hint of caramel and molasses notes lingering in the background. Or maybe that’s just me. (I …

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Miso Caramels (caramel candies for grown ups)

I love salted caramel. You love salted caramel. We all love salted caramel. Or most of us do anyway. It’s getting to the point where it’s unusual to see the word caramel not preceded by some salty adjective. But what if you could take that rich, creamy dark salted caramel and add some notes of umami? …

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White Chocolate Raspberry Cookies

These white chocolate raspberry cookies are delicate and lovely to look at. Even better, they’re delicious. Soft and chewy white chocolate cookies get filled with bright raspberry jam and then drizzled with more white chocolate. I’ve been making them for years. They were something my sister Erin found in an unassuming little volume put out …

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