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Angostura bitters

The Manhattan, a whiskey + vermouth classic

There are few cocktails as enduring as the Manhattan. If the original early 19th-century meaning of the word “cocktail” referred to a mixture of spirits, sugar, water, and bitters (what we now think of as an Old Fashioned), the current meaning includes all manner of ingredients from syrups to liqueurs to mixtures of many different …

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Vieux Carré, a rich + spirit-forward classic

The Vieux Carré is what it would look like if the Manhattan had an eccentric, worldly, New Orleanian great aunt. It’s rich and spirit forward with a split base of rye and cognac. Like the Manhattan it also gets rounded out with sweet vermouth. But unlike her straight-laced nephew, the Vieux Carré has an unruly …

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Pisco Sour

Let’s talk about shaking and stirring for a minute. What’s the difference? Shaking is a better way of emulsifying different kinds of liquids. Usually, cocktails that include citrus or muddled herbs or fruit or pretty much any non-alcoholic ingredients are shaken. (Exceptions to that include carbonated ingredients like ginger ale which are usually poured on …

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