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Quiche with Bacon and Brussels Sprouts

Are there still people out there pretending that quiche is some kind of effete food? Because that’s bosh. When done well, quiche makes for a delightful savory breakfast or brunch (or even a mean lunch or dinner alongside a simple green salad). It’s rich with egg-and-dairy custard that makes for a lovely contrast with a …

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Bacon Blue Cheese Guacamole

Looking for an alternative to classic guacamole? This bacon blue cheese guacamole is unabashedly full-flavored. And it has bacon in it! (Which, of course, means this guac is definitely not for vegetarians.) I know blue cheese is a little controversial. There are haters out there. You can have your traditional guacamole while those of us …

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Hot and Sour Soup (with optional bacon)

Winter arrived here with a vengeance last week. The temperature dipped below zero, the winds blustered, the schools closed for a couple of days. Snow came a few days ago and covered the sidewalks and rooftops along with the cars parked on the street. As I look out my window now, the wind blows disintegrating …

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