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Pumpkin Cake, Cinnamon-Nutmeg-Clove Goodness

We’ve reached an odd place with pumpkin-spice flavored products. It’s a flavor that’s become absurdly ubiquitous during the months of October and November. It’s not just the notorious Starbucks’ lattes, but also the Pringles and the beef jerky and the Peeps. Clearly, the flavor is popular, but it has also become, in recent years, a perennial object …

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Peach-Apricot Buckle, with brown butter and buttermilk

In the summer, I love rustic fruit-filled baked goods. I’ve eaten my share of crisps and crumbles and cobblers, but until recently, I was unfamiliar with the buckle. Buckles are crisps’ and crumbles’ cakier cousin. A buckle is similar to a torte or a coffee cake that’s been loaded up with fresh seasonal fruit. The …

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