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Spectacular Chocolate Desserts

There are people for whom dessert isn’t dessert without chocolate. If you’re one of those people, this collection of spectacular chocolate desserts is for you. There’s a range of skill levels for these recipes (the brownies are easier than the mousse cakes). And these recipes include everything from milk chocolate and dark chocolate to cocoa …

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Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake, ethereally light

Who wants cake? This triple chocolate mousse cake isn’t just any old cake. It’s a special occasion cake. It’s a takes-three-days-to-make cake. It’s a hunt-down-three-or-four-kinds-of-chocolate cake. It’s a reorganize-the-freezer-to-make-this-thing-sit-level-overnight cake. It’s, let me just say, a totally-worth-it cake. I made this for my sister Erin’s birthday. She was having a low key party at her …

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