Garlicky, Spicy Spinach Pizza. So good. From Blossom To Stem | Because Delicious

Spicy Garlicky Spinach Pizza

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I know, I know, it’s spinach pizza. It sounds kind of boring. We’ve all seen some version of this before. But this one is different from all of those sodden, cheese heavy versions.

Walnut Old Fashioned. It's Five O'Clock Somewhere. From Blossom To Stem | Because Delicious

Walnut Old Fashioned

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It’s five o’clock somewhere.
It’s Friday.
And sometimes, at the end of a long cold week, you just want a drink. For me, nothing hits the spot quite like a well balanced cocktail.

Spiced Cranberries. A great winter preserve. From Blossom To Stem | Because Delicious

Spiced Cranberries

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We’re in the long slog part of winter. The holiday season is far behind us, and spring in Chicago is still months away. This is, for me, the toughest time of year. I get stir crazy.