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New bits and pieces around these parts

How’ve you been? Over the last few months I’ve been working on some housekeeping here in this space. Much of it (faster page load times through the magic of better caching and image management) you’ll barely notice, but will hopefully make your experience when you visit smoother and better.

I have a new and improved recipe index! It lets you search and filter recipes by category, season, and special diet (for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options). Of course, these filters are only as good as the information included, and sometimes the categorization is incomplete, especially with older posts. I’m working on finding and adding any missing categorizations, but I was so excited to be able to offer you better searching and filtering options that I wanted to make it available even though it’s only about 90% of the way there. (While I do my best to get dietary categories right, I strongly encourage anyone with serious dietary restrictions to read the labels on any processed ingredients included in a recipe before assuming it’s safe. I don’t want to make anyone sick!)

I’ve added a convenient “jump to recipe” link to the top of every recipe post. It’ll let you bypass these breathless prose and get right to the stuff you came here for.

Adjust recipe yield with a simple slider

You can now scale recipes with a simple slider. Just hover over or tap on the amount after the “Yield” label and adjust the slider to the amount you’re making and it will do the math for you. Please note, though, that it only adjusts the first units; if there are units in parentheses those ones won’t change so you’ll have to do that calculation on your own. (Also, most recipes can be easily doubled or halved with minor adjustments to cook times, but I don’t recommend more than tripling a recipe unless you really are sure you know what you’re doing.)

There is lots more cooking, baking, and drink mixing in the pipeline. I’ve got a review of a new cookbook from America’s Test Kitchen coming your way in two weeks. I’ll be sharing some weeknight favorites that will make your life easier, and next month I’ll be sharing my recipe for Polish donuts (paczki) so you can be ready for Mardi Gras. How does that sound?