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Sweet and Spicy Korean Cauliflower. This addictive dish will convert the cauliflower skeptics. From Blossom to Stem | Because Delicious

Sweet and Spicy Korean Cauliflower

For much of my life, I was largely indifferent to cauliflower. It was something I might pick from a veggie tray if the carrots and cucumbers were gone. Raw, it was Bunnicula’s broccoli, sort of crunchy and faintly bitter. It was, I guess, okay. I felt similarly about steamed cauliflower. It was milder and softer. It was fine. …

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with the grain

Dan raised a quizzical eyebrow when he heard me say “barley salad.” It’s tough to make barley sound sexy. It tends to sneak into our diets unnoticed, flavoring our beers and bagels and scotch whiskies and malted milk balls, lingering in the background but seldom taking center stage. Basho, the seventeenth century Japanese master of …

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