Lime Popsicles #frozenfridays

Lime popsicles. Perfect for the hottest summer days. From Blossom to Stem | Because Delicious

For the month of August, it’s #frozenfridays here on the blog. Every Friday I’ll be posting about a frozen treat. Last week, I featured Thai iced tea popsicles. This week: lime popsicles. I have this theory that people tend to dress for yesterday’s weather. The day after a 90°F day, I see so many people […]

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Mango Lime Popsicles

Mango Lime Popsicles! These taste like summer. From Blossom To Stem | Because Delicious

These popsicles taste like summer. They are icy and refreshing with a turn toward the tropical. They taste intensely of mango, with just enough lime to enliven the whole thing. They remind me of one of my favorite agua frescas, the one I inevitably, invariably order when I find myself sitting at O’Hare for any […]

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Lime Meltaways

Lime Meltaways. Delicate, buttery cookies with lots of lime flavor. From Blossom To Stem | Because Delicious

Here. Have a cookie. These cookies are delicate, buttery and limey. True to their name, they are meltingly tender from a generous amount of confectioners’ sugar and a little bit of cornstarch. The great lime shortage of 2014 means I’ve been using limes a little more sparingly than usual. But prices are coming back down and […]

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